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About Half-Dipped


In case you don’t know what Hydrographics are, let us introduce you to this exciting printing process. Hydrographics is also called: Immersion Printing, Water Transfer Printing, Water Transfer Imaging and Cubic Printing.  This process is very versatile. It allows us to take objects of all sorts, from hair driers to computer cases, to car hoods, to helmets, and apply a durable, colorful, fade resistant digital pattern or artwork to the objects surface.

This process is especially designed to work on 3D objects, rather than a 2D piece of paper. We can print on all sorts of materials such as:

  • plastic
  • glass
  • hardwoods
  • fiberglass
  • ceramics
  • metal

To do this, we pre-treat the object, and then a film with the artwork to be ‘printed’ onto the object is “floated” on the surface of water. The object is then ‘dipped’ into the water, and the film adheres to the object’s surface. The object is then finished with your choice of top coat.

This is a safe, and durable process for applying any sort of graphic to every day objects. If you have any questions about our process, what we can paint, or anything at all really, please contact us at:

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